“When you save a male, you save a family”

Young Men Leadership Academy

The Young Men Leadership Academy is a six-week program for males 11 to 13 years old. The program’s objectives are:

  • To teach gentlemen the differences between verbal and non-verbal communication, and components of making a good first impression.
  • To teach gentlemen how to effectively communicate by clearing annunciating, projecting confidently and being assertive versus aggressive.
  • To assist gentlemen with identifying strengths in weakness and weaknesses and ways to utilize strengths to improve weaknesses.
  • To orient gentlemen to different types of wardrobe, health, hygiene and basic grooming etiquette.
  • To introduce gentlemen to the importance of different types of relationship including how to respect the authority of law enforcement while commanding respect
  • To introduce gentlemen to the aspects of a civil society, financial planning and public speaking.
  • To orient gentlemen to a variety of music (i.e., rap, jazz, classical), poetry, other forms of art and culture and the association between origin and current relevance of each.
  • To introduce gentlemen to the fundamentals of various activities (including chess, football, baseball, wrestling, meditation) and the relationship between these activities and self-discipline.

Rites of Passage Program

The Rites of Passage program is designed to facilitate, strengthen and build social, moral, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.


Inspirational Speakers

Young Minds Excelling provides transformative, motivating, engaging and inspiring speakers. Using authentically honest and transparent narratives, our speakers galvanize individuals to engage, unleash talents and stimulate ideas.

Jerry Fleming

Jerry Fleming is an inspirational speaker and motivator. His message and ability to communicate a story is rooted in trials, tribulations and redemption. He is a Baltimore Native, who grew up in the harsh environment of LaFayette Projects, a low-income public housing development. His surroundings was populated with crime, drugs and never-ending violence; however, at an early age, Jerry realized he had a special gift. He was a natural athlete and enjoyed playing football. During his high school career, he was a hometown legend. His exceptional athletic abilities led to several offers to play collegiate football. Unfortunately, his glory on the field was accompanied by personal sorrow and devastations off the field. He grappled with pursuing his dream and the callous reality of his environment. Sadly, the gravitational draw of the streets led to several bouts with law enforcement and the judicial system. Once released from prison, he played semi-football for 10 years and realized another gift. Jerry possess a keen ability to convey the haunting tales of struggle, redemption and second chances in riveting manner. Jerry met Al and Derrick at a local barbershop and quickly realized they shared similar interests such as mentoring, advocacy and preaching peace throughout the community. Along with Al and Derrick, Jerry is dedicated to improving Baltimore City and sharing his message of redemption, resilience and fortitude.